I'd like you to come do yoga with me. I teach all types of private yoga classes for all ability levels.


1 on 1 Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes are an excellent option for anyone looking to advance their practice or people just beginning yoga. Starting with a strong foundation sets you up for success! By tailoring a specific yoga class to each individual, you can feel comfortable in your growth.

Private Group Yoga Classes

Private group yoga allows you to taking your yoga practice to a more personal level with a choice group of people. You receive more care and attention during private group yoga sessions, and your yoga becomes more relaxed around the people you know.

Private Corporate Yoga

Give the gift of a mental massage. Calm the mind, regain focus and feel the energetic change take place at the office when you practice yoga with your staff. Corporate Yoga classes are a great way to improve workplace morale, and increase productivity.

Private Yoga Retreat Programs

Allow me to create an entirely personalized yoga program to compliment the theme of your retreat. Yoga is the perfect complement to a relaxing retreat. Yoga encourages you to listen to your body, and will help guide each individual through their personal retreat experience.

About Me

My Story

A life of yoga has been knocking at my doorsteps for years and I finally decided to step into it and stop fighting. Through yoga I have become more comfortable in the struggles of life... Being more, doing more, having more!!! The freedom and power of stepping onto my mat, being present and letting go is much more satisfying than any other accomplishments I've strived for in this life.

I became a certified yoga instructor in 2009, and have continued to grow my own personal practice as well as my knowledge as a teacher. My yoga expertise ranges from a dance like flow class, alignment based Hatha, to a chill out Yin or Restorative. My journey to learn yoga and become better is a forever growing process in my day to day.

Yoga has instilled in me a peace and serenity I am grateful to have found and giving that back to others gives me great joy!

Contact Me Anytime

+62 821 47562778

What People Say

  • Jenni's true love of sharing her own yoga expertise has shaped the teacher I want to be. As a mentor figure she inspires me every day on my own yoga journey. She positively impacts not only my life, but that of all my students.


  • Jenni takes me to a whole new level on the yoga mat! Her inspired, supportive and attentive teaching has helped my practise flourish.


  • Jenni's yin yoga class is like taking a vacation. The soothing resonance of her voice clears away my thoughts and her words take me on a journey deeper into myself and into peace. It's like one long moving meditation and I leave with my body & mind feeling open, relaxed and content. It's an experience you won't want to miss.



1 on 1 Private Yoga Classes

$75 for 1 hour class
$300 for 5 classes

Private Group Yoga Classes

$120 for 1 hour class
$200 for 6 or more people

Private Corporate Yoga

$175 for 1 hour class

Private Yoga Retreat Programs

Please contact me to discuss your retreat program needs.

*Monthly and long-term discounts offered at 10% discount. All prices in USD.



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